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T-86 Parcel Processing
Clearance, handling, and last-mile delivery

Process cross-border e-commerce like a champion

Experience seamless customs clearance solutions with Advanced International Freight. Our specialized knowledge in Section 321 Low Value Shipment and Type 86 imports empowers us to offer unparalleled Customs Clearance services for bulk parcels, ensuring a swift and cost-effective customs release process for your eCommerce shipments. We meticulously assess duties and taxes per order, ensuring accuracy and compliance every step of the way.


When your Type 86 parcels arrive in the United States, you can rely on our top-tier last-mile delivery rates using our Parcel Advantage program. We prioritize affordability and flexibility to maximize your profits on a per-package basis. Our comprehensive logistics solutions are designed to meet your unique business requirements, providing you with a competitive edge in the market.


With Advanced International Freight as your logistics partner, you can accelerate your supply chain, minimize delays, and optimize your shipping operations. Experience the difference of efficient customs clearance and seamless last-mile delivery tailored to your eCommerce needs.


Compare last-mile delivery rates

With access, you'll be able to enjoy these benefits:

  1. Discounted rates up to 83%*

  2. Self-service login portal

  3. API integration capability

  4. Bulk printing capability

*Discounts are calculated from retail prices posted by carriers

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