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Out-of-Gauge Cargo
Transportation for all sizes and weight

Expertise beyond traditional shipping

Handling out-of-gauge, oversized cargo requires meticulous planning and expertise that goes beyond traditional freight services. At Advanced International Freight, we specialize in navigating the complexities of oversized cargo, ensuring precise dimensions and customized solutions for each unique load.

Our services include utilizing open top containers, flat rack containers, modified traditional containers, flatbeds, trailers, and more to accommodate oversized cargo. Internationally, we arrange chartered air or vessels, and RORO ships as needed, always ensuring the right equipment for loading and unloading at origin and destination.

Trust us to find creative solutions for your project cargo, delivering unmatched expertise and peace of mind every step of the way.

How it works:

Managing out-of-gauge (OOG) cargo for sea freight entails a thorough process to guarantee a safe and efficient shipment. Here's an overview of how it operates:

  1. We start by gathering comprehensive information about the shipment as early as possible. This includes specifics like load sensitivity, site access, and the necessity for cranes.

  2. After obtaining all necessary details, our team devises a customized plan tailored specifically for handling the OOG cargo. This plan delineates the steps needed to handle and transport the oversized load, ensuring all requirements are met.

  3. Throughout the process, we collaborate with all relevant parties and partners to maintain project progress and provide regular updates on the status. 

  4. Technical diagrams prepared with assistance from an engineer play a crucial role. These diagrams illustrate load dimensions, center of gravity, lifting points, and other technical specifics. Additionally, they guide equipment selection and securing methods during transport, ensuring the cargo is handled safely and securely.

  5. Lastly, clear communication of deadlines is vital. By communicating delivery deadlines and readiness for transport in advance, we can take necessary actions to ensure the OOG cargo is delivered promptly.

Overall, our established process, attention to detail, and experienced team ensure a seamless and successful handling of oversized cargo shipments.

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