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Parcel Advantage
Reliable and flexible parcel solutions

Shared parcel discounts and services at your fingertips

At Advanced International Freight, we go beyond traditional logistics services to offer you a complete solution for your shipping needs. Our Parcel Advantage program is a testament to this commitment, providing you with access to exclusive discounts from industry-leading carriers like UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL.

What sets our program apart is its focus on delivering reliable, cost-effective, and flexible parcel rates and services tailored to your business requirements. By leveraging our partnerships with top carriers, we can offer discounts of up to 83%*, ensuring that you benefit from the most competitive rates available in the market.

Whether you're shipping small parcels or larger shipments, our Parcel Advantage program covers a wide range of services to meet your diverse shipping needs. From express delivery to standard shipping options, you'll have the flexibility to choose the best service that aligns with your budget and timeline.


By partnering with Advanced International Freight and joining our Parcel Advantage program, you gain access to unparalleled savings, efficient shipping solutions, and reliable service that drives your business forward.

*Discounts are calculated from retail prices posted by carriers


Access our online portal and start shipping today

With access, you'll be able to enjoy these benefits:

  1. Discounted rates up to 83%*

  2. Self-service login portal

  3. API integration capability

  4. Bulk printing capability

*Discounts are calculated from retail prices posted by carriers

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