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Cargo Insurance
Comprehensive coverage for your cargo

Gain peace of mind with cargo insurance

Cargo insurance is your shield against the uncertainties of transporting goods across seas, skies, roads, or rails. It offers financial protection by reimbursing for losses or damages incurred due to insured risks during transit.

When securing cargo insurance, it's crucial for the owner to evaluate factors such as the value and type of goods, the chosen mode of transportation, and the final destination. This assessment ensures that the insurance coverage aligns perfectly with the specific needs and risks associated with the cargo shipment.

Cargo owners are presented with multiple options to safeguard their shipments through insurance, providing them with the flexibility to choose a policy that best suits their requirements and offers comprehensive coverage against potential perils.

At Advanced International Freight, safeguard your shipments worldwide with our efficient and seamless insurance arrangements. Our comprehensive coverage shields your goods from theft, loss, or damage during their journey under our supervision.

Why you need cargo insurance

  • Protection Against Loss: Cargo insurance shields your freight from potential losses, including those caused by accidents, theft, or natural disasters during air, ocean, or rail shipments.

  • Mitigating Shipping Risks: Purchasing cargo insurance is akin to buying car insurance; accidents and unforeseen events happen, and being prepared ensures you're not left with significant financial losses.

  • Optional but Recommended: While not mandatory, cargo insurance is highly recommended to protect against catastrophic risks that could lead to substantial losses without proper coverage.

  • Protection Beyond Carrier Liability: Many common types of damage fall outside a carrier's liability, making it challenging to prove liability and claim damages. Cargo insurance eliminates this uncertainty by covering losses regardless of liability and carrier limits.

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