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South Carolina Ports Authority Overcomes Software Issue

South Carolina Ports Authority Overcomes Software Issue

South Carolina Ports Authority Overcomes Software Issue

After facing a temporary setback due to software issues impacting a server, the South Carolina Ports Authority has successfully resumed operations at its marine terminals and Inland Port Greer. The disruption, which began on Sunday evening, persisted until Tuesday afternoon as the port worked diligently to resolve the issue.

Initially, stakeholders were notified of a delay in opening operations on Monday, with subsequent updates indicating that systems were not expected to be fully functional throughout the day. As a result, cargo pick up and drop off were unavailable for the entirety of Monday, prompting the port to focus on restoring functionality to its systems.

Operations remained suspended until 10 a.m. EST on Tuesday as efforts to bring all systems back online continued. Hourly updates were provided to stakeholders as the port worked tirelessly to resume normal operations. Additionally, extended gate hours were announced to facilitate cargo flow, with specific times to be communicated soon.

Despite the disruption, the South Carolina Ports Authority reassured stakeholders that the issue was not related to cybersecurity. However, the impact of the pause on cargo activity remains uncertain at this time.

In the past, South Carolina Ports Authority has served as a reliable alternative for shippers during periods of congestion and labor negotiations at other ports along the East Coast and West Coast. Notably, the port achieved its highest monthly cargo volumes ever at Inland Port Dillon in April, indicating its significance as a key player in the maritime industry.

As operations resume and normalcy is restored, the South Carolina Ports Authority reaffirms its commitment to providing efficient and reliable services to its customers and stakeholders. Despite the challenges posed by unforeseen disruptions, the port remains resilient and dedicated to supporting the flow of goods through its terminals.

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