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Hyundai's EV Campus Drives Growth at Georgia Ports

Hyundai's EV Campus Drives Growth at Georgia Ports

Hyundai's EV Campus Drives Growth at Georgia Ports

The Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) has experienced a significant surge in cargo volumes, largely driven by Hyundai's forthcoming electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing plant. This growth underscores the strategic importance of the port in facilitating the supply chain for major automotive manufacturers.

Trade Growth Fueled by Hyundai's EV Campus Georgia Port

Hyundai's over $5 billion investment in its EV manufacturing campus has been a major catalyst for the increase in cargo volumes at Georgia Ports. According to Griff Lynch, President and CEO of GPA, the port handled 490,330 total TEUs in May, marking a 22% year-over-year increase and the fifth consecutive month of growth. This uptick is primarily due to the influx of auto suppliers preparing for the plant's production launch in the fourth quarter of 2024.

Strategic Shifts and Supplier Investments

The growth at Georgia Ports is also a result of strategic shifts by manufacturers towards Southeast Asian locations, which favor delivery via Savannah. This trend has been beneficial for the port as retailers rebuild their inventories. The port's Garden City Terminal is set to receive parts and supplies, while finished vehicles will be exported from Colonel's Island in Brunswick, according to Bruce Kuzma, GPA's Vice President for Ocean Carrier and Non-Container Sales.

Significant Increase in Auto Volumes

Port Brunswick, GPA's dedicated facility for vehicle shipments, has seen a notable increase in auto volumes. In April alone, the port handled 80,600 units of roll-on/roll-off cargo, a 44% year-over-year increase. This rise is partly due to the diversion of import vehicles from the Port of Baltimore to Colonel's Island Terminal, adding about 9,000 vehicles to the volume. Additionally, ocean carrier Zim's new service, Gold Star, has enhanced shipping options for automotive manufacturers, ensuring fast and secure delivery to the U.S. and Mexico.

Positive Outlook for Continued Growth

The positive impact of Hyundai’s EV campus is expected to continue driving growth at Georgia Ports. Lynch noted that more than 320,000 TEUs of import cargo destined for Savannah are currently on the water, suggesting further volume increases in June. Both the container trade in Savannah and the autoport in Brunswick are set to benefit significantly from Hyundai’s Metaplant and its ecosystem of suppliers.


Hyundai's EV manufacturing campus has not only boosted cargo volumes at Georgia Ports but has also highlighted the port's crucial role in the global automotive supply chain. As production ramps up and more suppliers establish operations in Georgia, the ports are poised for sustained growth, reinforcing their status as key hubs for international trade and logistics.

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